World GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is $80 TRILLION

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Here is a little fun trivia you can toss out at your water cooler at work!  The World GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is $80 TRILLION! In simplistic terms, it is the total $ amount of all the “stuff” produced and sold in a country.  Ok, that is ALOT of money! But…..get this! The US GDP is $22 Trillion #1, #2 is China at $16 Trillion; then it falls off #3 is Japan; $5.5 Trillion, Germany; $4.2 Trillion; UK $3 Trillion; India $3 Trillion: Italy $2 Trillion; Brazil $2 Trillion; and Canada $1.8 Trillion.  Now what hit me is the US is OVER ONE-QUARTER of the WORLD’S GDP!! US and China make up almost HALF! Just 2 countries! WOW! The top ten countries make up almost $60 TRILLION of the $80!! WOW…..WOW….. Just a little bit of fun cocktail party knowledge for you!



“World GDP is equal to roughly $80 trillion in nominal terms. One-quarter comes from the US, another quarter comes from Western Europe (about 20 countries) and Canada, another quarter comes from China (about 60% as big as the US), Japan (the world's third largest economy), South Korea (11th) and Philippines (36Th). The final quarter comes from the remaining 169 nations including the smallest nation, Tuvalu with GDP of $38 million.
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