VERY LOW vacancy #s! Excellent for Investors!

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VERY LOW vacancy #s! Excellent for Real Estate Investors! If you have been thinking of investing in real estate it a great time to do so!  National vacancy rates are historically very low and here in Savannah, they are at 7.21%.  This is slightly higher than the national average but still very low, great for real estate investors!  With this strong rental market if you keep your properties well maintained, clean and a place where you would want to live then you will ALWAYS have great tenants and keep the rents coming in! 

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Savannah Rental Information

Rental Vacancy Rate

The rental vacancy rate in the fourth quarter 2018, 6.6 percent, was not statistically different from the rate in the fourth quarter 2017 (6.9 percent). The rental vacancy rates in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West were not statistically different from the fourth quarter 2017 rates.

4th Qtr 2018: 6.6* percent
4th Qtr 2017: 6.9 percent