The #'s are in for 2018 Real Estate Market!

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Year End Numbers For the Real Estate Market In Chatham County 2018 to 2017


I pulled the numbers for all of Chatham County.  If you would like numbers and statistics pulled for your home or neighborhood just let me know, it only takes a minute or two. These are some of the basic statistics of how the market did compared to the year before.  Year over year 2017 to 2018. 2017 and 2018 are remarkably the same!


Chatham County            2017             2018

Total # of Homes SOLD                 4951                        5080

Avg Sales Price (0-500001)            $210,767                  $219,201

Avg Sales Price (500001+)            $741,771                  $773,810

Days On Market (0-500001)           99                            90

Days On Market (500001+)           187                           155

Months Of Inventory                    5.17                          4.89

% of Asking Price Received           94%                          95%

Sales Average ALL SALES             $247,769                   $261,284




- Prices are up 5% when you factor in ALL SALES but Flat when it is broken down by market segments - $0 to $501k and 501k to 20m
- Number of units SOLD are slightly higher
- Average Sales Price - $0 to $501k is up 4%
- Average Sales Price - $501k to $20m is up 4%
- Days on Market are down 10%
- Months of Inventory down 5%
- Asking Price Received is about the same
- Average Sales Price ALL SALES is up 5%

Overall the market is in a GREAT spot. Kinda like Goldilocks - NOT TOO HOT AND NOT TOO COLD!  This is the type of news that you will not hear too much about because as I have written before.  It is very BORING a snoozer!! We can live with and sustain a market that grows at 3 to 4%. It is always good to know your numbers and the value of your home so please let me know if I can help you with that!  #teamyannett #myhomesavannah #savannahrealestate #savannah


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