SOLD!! Chump Change! $165,000,000 - Jeff Bezos

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SOLD!! Chump Change! $165,000,000 - Jeff Bezos buys a NEW house! Real Estate News -

Did you hear that last week Jeff Bezos bought himself a NEW HOUSE!

Jeff Bezos bought the Warner Estate (Warner Brother Studios) in Beverly Hills for $165 Million dollars! Which makes it the most expensive home purchase in American history!

What does $165 million buy you in Beverly Hills, you ask?? Well, the home is a modest 13,600 sqft on 9.4 acres of land in prime time --- the heart of Beverly Hills! It is some of the most expensive real estate in the world, and to have 9.4 acres in the middle of it is unheard of ..... does not exist…... truly amazing! And the history of the house is equally amazing! American Presidents, countless bigwigs, and ALL of Hollywood fat cats have been in the house over its almost 100-year history!

Now for the purchase price - We need to put this into perspective! Now $165 million dollars is a TON of MONEY, that's 165 with 6 zeros behind it - 165,000,000, but when you are worth $130 Billion, that's 130 with nine zeros behind it, 130,000,000,000 BILLION with a B. $165 million is a drop in the bucket! As a matter of fact, it is only 1/8th of a percent of his net worth! 1/8th is equal to .0012%. So for us ordinary people and so we can wrap our heads around this ---- that would be like making $100,000 a year spending $130 bucks!

Don’t be mad or envious. He has changed the world as we know it, and like only a few people in human history have! He has impacted our society and has changed everything. For good or bad, that can be debated, but technology marches on, and if you don’t get on board, you get run over! And do I Have to be honest ........... I am a little bitter........he did not use a realtor for the transaction! #myhomesavnnah #teamyannett #savannahrealestate Please click these links below to learn more about Real Estate Market in Savannah Ga.