Public debt UP $5.1 to $15.9 TRILLION in 10yrs! *

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Ok, do you think this is why the Fed tries to keep interest rates low?  Just a conspiracy theory! I have a BS in Economics and a BA in Finance and know this is not the case but that's what makes it a good “conspiracy theory”!  I love this guy’s work! Elliott is always short and sweet and makes you think!

"Since 1/1/2008, US public debt has risen from $5.1 trillion to $15.9 trillion. Luckily, rates have been low. In 2017, interest costs were $263 billion, 6.6% of government spending and 1.4% of GDP; very manageable. However, by 2028, and assuming no recession, debt service will skyrocket to $915 billion, 13% of government spending and 3.1% of GDP! By 2020, debt service will surpass Medicare spending; by 2023, national defense. Congress?

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