March Madness starts NOW!! Printable Bracket!

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March Madness starts NOW!!

You all know I LOVE statistics and numbers! This is the ultimate statistical game!  Pick your winner of the NCAA March Madness Tournament! Pick your winners before the first game with this printable bracket:

We’ll find out who wins in 16 days (Monday night, April 8th) in Minneapolis.

Can you PICK the PERFECT bracket?

It is nearly impossible. DePaul University did a study and found that the odds of doing that are one in 9.2 quintillion (1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808). It’s harder than winning TWO Mega Millions jackpots in a row. So on the heels of St. Patty’s Day…...good luck!

Did You Know - Fun Facts?

- A four #1 seeds have only made it to the final four one time (2008).
- No #16 seed had ever beaten a #1 seed in the first round until last year. Maryland-Baltimore County (#16 seed) defeated Virginia (#1 seed) 74-54 in the first round only to lose in the to Kansas State in round 2.
- The phrase “March Madness” was first coined in 1982 by sportscaster Brent Musburger.
- In the 80 years of the tournament, only 35 schools have ever won the top prize.
- Pizza orders climb by 19% and beer sales jump by 28% during March Madness. Dessert rises 9% after favorite teams lose.

NCAA Basketball Stats to help pick your Bracket.

-Highest-scoring team: Gonzaga (88.8 points per game).
- Lowest-scoring team: Kansas State (65.8 points per game).
- Fastest team: North Carolina (74.3 possessions per game).
- Slowest team: Virginia (59.3 possessions per game).
- Best free-throw shooting team: Mississippi (78.3 percent).
- Worst free-throw shooting team: Saint Louis (59.8).
- Best 3-point shooting team: Wofford (41.6).
- Worst 3-point shooting team: Duke (30.2).
- Most experienced team: Nevada (2.71 average seasons)
- Least experienced team: Kentucky (0.58 average seasons)
- Tallest team: Syracuse (average height 79.4 inches)
- Smallest team(s): Prairie View A&M and Gardner-Webb (74.2)


Most efficient offenses, adjusted points scored per 100 possessions:

1. Gonzaga (125.1)
2. Virginia (123.6)
3. Tennessee (122.5)

Most efficient defenses, adjusted points allowed per 100 possessions:

1. Texas Tech (85.9)
2. Michigan (86.1)
3. Wisconsin (87.1)

For more insane stats on March Madness click below link.