John Bogle died, Founder of Vanguard

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Mr. Bogle Died a few weeks ago, a GIANT in the investment world and the Father of the low fee mutual fund! Mr. Bogle founded The Vanguard Group in 1974 and grew it from nothing, ZERO, 0 into a $5.1 Trillion Mutual Fund Company (asset manager), $5,100,000,000.  WOW! All on the simple fundamental belief frugality!  He believed, rightfully so that, high fees will kill your investment return.  Because a dollar in fees today compounded out 30 or 40 years is 10, 20 or 30 times that amount!  Way back when in my past life I was a Corporate Recruiter (Head Hunter), graduating with a BS in Finance and a BA in Economics, so I had the education and background to recruit for the financial services industry. More specifically the retirement services, 401k and Mutual Fund Companies.  My 3 biggest clients where Invesco (how I met Lisa), Fidelity (the polar opposite of Vanguard) and Vanguard. I placed a ton of people with Vanguard in the 401k services area. Over the years I want to Vanguards headquarters in King of Prussia, PA and on a visit, we went to lunch, and there walked in the CEO of the company talking and chatting it up with all the regular employees in the lunch room!  I got to meet John Bogle!  What an amazing man! He was VERY tall, personable, and just walking around the campus talking to all the kids working for him.  Read more about him in this NY Times Article linked below! 

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The Friday File: Earlier this week, John Bogle, a crusader for investor's rights and the man who virtually single-handedly invented index funds, died at 89. His relentless focus on cutting investment fees at his firm (Vanguard), and the reduction in fees at other firms that resulted due to competition has probably saved investors $1 trillion, that's $1,000,000,000,000, since he began the first index fund in 1975. Thank you, Jack!

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