How Higher Interest Rates Steal Your Buying Power

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Wow. I ran across this infographic this week and it makes a very clear point: As interest rates climb higher your buying power goes down --- and over the course of your loan you end up spending (wasting!) lost of money. Sure $15, $30 and even $75 may not seem like big difference per month. BUT when you multiply it by 12 months a year for 30 years it's HUGE! 15 x 12 x 30 = $5,400 30 x 12 x 30 = $10,800 75 x 12 x 30 = $27,000

How a 1% Interest Rate Hike Steals Your Buying Power


Let's Get Started Before Rates Go ANY Higher

Now is the time to buy if you plan to do so anytime in the next few years. Rates are probably as low as they are ever going to be over that time period. In other words, you can buy MORE house NOW than you can later So email me or call me at 912-844-9000 so we can find you a house.