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Housing Market Looks Great For 2020! 

There has NEVER been a better time to buy a house! Or if you are not in your dream home - Sell a house in the lower price range and move up to the DREAM HOME! 

- Permits for New Home Construction are Up to a 13 year HIGH! Highest level since 2007!
- Wednesday, the Producer Price Index shows little change! = Low inflation!  
- Interest Rates are at the lowest point in HISTORY! 30 year Fixed Rate = 3.47%!
- Housing Starts Jumped (construction started on new homes) +21.4% in January!
- Inventory for Mid to Lower-priced homes remains tight! 
- Lowest unemployment for 50 years! 

This is the best time to BUY or SELL a home! If you have any questions about this, please message me on any of the social media sites we are on or call and text 912-844-9000. I hope you learned something and found this interesting!  

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Full Article from Reuters Business News Feb. 19, 2020 

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