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Wonderful short blog (60 Second read) with some great information from a survey of the top CEOs in America!  I feel the trade policies are going to be scary at 1st very uncomfortable, but like anything that is new at 1st it is always a little scary.  We have NEVER had a trade policy that was far, equal and protected our interest, America. Not protectionist but equal and far. Also NOT giving up and giving in in the negotiations!  #myhomesavannah #teamyannett


CEO Concerns  

 The most recent CEO survey of America's largest corporations paints a strong, but slightly deteriorating, economic picture. At 109.3, the survey is at its fifth highest level in its 16-year history, but down from 111.1 in 18Q2. 55% of CEOs plan to boost capital spending, down from 61% last quarter; 56% plan to increase hiring, down from 58% in April-June. Why the decline? Trade policy and its negative effects.

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