Update on Hyundai: Collaboration with Local Colleges for EV Metaplant Workforce

Dated: November 20 2023

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We're back with more exciting news about Hyundai's move into Savannah, Georgia! As we discussed previously, Hyundai is building 2 huge facilities in the Savannah, Georgia area, just outside of Ellabell and Richmond Hill Georgia. Now, they are collaborating with local colleges to build a skilled workforce for their 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) factories. This effort is even more critical now, as Hyundai aims to fill a whopping 10,000 positions at the new facilities.

Hyundai is partnering with Georgia Southern University, and Ogeechee Technical College is a big part of this plan. These institutions are helping to train students in the skills needed for the EV industry, which is a fantastic opportunity for local youth to break into this cutting-edge field.

Also, let's not forget the special program at Savannah Technical College. This program offers an Electric Vehicle Professional certificate. It's tailored to prepare students for roles at Hyundai's EV factory directly. This kind of training is precisely what's needed to help fill the thousands of positions at the new plant.

Hyundai's strategy is a brilliant example of how companies can benefit communities while meeting their needs. By investing in local education and training, Hyundai is not only working towards staffing their plant with 10,000 employees but also playing a significant role in shaping the future of the automotive industry in Savannah. It's an endeavor that promises growth and opportunities for the company and the local community. Keep an eye out for more updates as Hyundai continues to drive forward in the EV sector in our area! If you are intested in how this will affect our local real estate market, feel free to message or call 912-844-9000.

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