Should You Sell Your Home in September?

Dated: September 16 2022

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In many cities across the US, September is the ideal time to sell a house. For instance, September is the best time to put your home on the market in New Orleans. According to data from 2014 to 2017, homes in New Orleans sold in September 8 days faster than the national average. 


It's also a great time to put your house on the market, no matter where you live.


You're Likely to Make More Money in September

In San Francisco, homes that went on the market this month sold for 6.08% more than their average price. In Phoenix, Arizona, homes that went on the market in September sold for 4.40% higher than their average price. Even if the average sales price was around $250,000, this means you're getting an extra $11,400 in cash. If you're considering selling, now is the time to list.


Odds are Your House Sells Fast

Homes that were on the market for sale in Florida in September from 2014-2017 sold much faster than those that were on the market during the previous year. For instance, in the city of Boca Raton, homeowners who listed their houses sold their homes much faster than the average days on the market.


If you're not motivated to sell fast, think about how long it would take to clean your house. Not only do you have to put your items back where they belong, but you also have to vacuum, dust, and scrub it. If you're preparing to sell, imagine your agent shows your house daily for a week. You'll have to do your best to keep it looking its best, and you'll have to hide pet beds and other clutter to keep the place fresh. This process will involve a lot of planning and organizing and will require a lot of patience.


A quick sale can make it easier for you to enjoy your new home and reduce the stress of showing it at any moment. It can also help you avoid getting lost in the endless marketing and negotiation process.


Brisk Temps and Fall Leaves Make Showings Simple

The perfect weather during September can help you sell your home. Besides the beautiful weather, the crisp temperatures and the dropping leaves can also help with showings and photos.


No matter how beautiful the snow is, potential buyers won't want to walk through it to your showing. They'll also be displeased if it's 105 degrees outside and they have to sweat through their clothes while the agent opens the door. September in most markets offers neutral weather, which means it doesn't need heavy coats or air conditioning units.


Fall foliage can add a bit of color to your exterior listing photos. The vibrant orange, yellow, and red of the trees can add a bit of excitement to the images.


Get Your Buyers Home for the Holidays

September is a great month to get potential buyers in your home before the holidays. It's the perfect time to entertain offers and close on the sale before Thanksgiving. During the holidays, it's a great time to show off a new home to family and friends.


Despite the excellent weather and prices in September, there are still more ways to help sell your home. Social media is one of the most effective ways to boost your chances of selling quickly. Your agent should be your partner in marketing your property. Write a letter to your agent saying what you love about the property and how it would be an excellent fit for buyers. You can also post your listing on social media.

Before hiring a real estate agent, ensure they will use all the necessary tools for marketing your property. There are plenty of ways to ensure you can get the most out of September in the real estate market. To see if listing your house this September is a good idea, contact us today to start a conversation about listing your home!

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