September House Maintenance Tips

Dated: September 16 2022

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As the temps start to drop, September is a great time to ensure your home is prepared for fall and the upcoming cold of the winter months. Take a few hours this month to help maintain the integrity of your home and prepare for any significant repairs that may need to happen before the winter.

Take a few hours and tackle some of the maintenance tips below!

Inspect, Clean, and Lubricate Garage Door

During the summer, the dirt and debris collected in your garage door can get stuck in the tracks and crevices. Make sure it's in good working order and clean after the summer. This is a great time to get some help from YouTube videos to help you clean and lubricate your garage door.

Check for Any Rodent Entry Points

Look closely at garages, attics, and basements. You may need a foam sealant to seal access points. Call for professional help if you're unsure how to prevent potential infestations.

Plant Spring Bulbs

If you plan to plant spring bulbs, ensure they're planted in the soil at the right time. September and October are the ideal months for this. Plus, you may forget what you planted in the fall, and you could get a pleasant surprise in the spring!

Maintain Lawn Tools and Equipment

Before storing equipment, make sure it's regularly serviced to ensure it's in tip-top shape. Doing so will allow it to lengthen its life and provide you with better results. Be sure to check manuals or warranty paperwork to make sure you're meeting any recommended maintenance schedules.

Throw Out Expired Items

You probably have the items that get put to the back of the refrigerator but have forgotten about. This is a great time to deep clean the fridge. After the refrigerator, throw out medications or supplements and clean the cabinets.

Plan for Emergencies

Besides hurricanes and fires, other natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods can also affect us. To prepare for any situation, ensure that you and your family have an evacuation plan. Consider packing bug-out bags or storing some shelf-stable food for emergency purposes.

Decorate for Fall

Before the summer is over, it's an excellent time to get rid of the summer decorations and clean the front door, porch, or balcony areas. Put out your favorite autumn or Halloween decorations and embrace the new season!

Your home is where you can retreat and enjoy your family. Maintenance throughout the year can ensure your home can be enjoyed for years and decades into the future. What do you do to prepare your home for changing seasons?

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