Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Away from Your Home this Summer!

Dated: August 12 2022

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Nothing beats a summer night with friends and family around a bonfire or outside on the porch, taking in the cool breeze. Mosquitoes might ruin a perfectly good summer night. 


Prep your yard for the long summer evenings spent outside in the summer. In addition to the traditional methods of repelling mosquitoes (like DEET), a few additional techniques can enhance your mosquito-repelling efforts. See the following advice on how to repel mosquitoes and better enjoy your time outside this summer. 


Natural Approach - Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

It might seem too good to be true, but if you prefer a more natural approach to keeping the mosquitoes at bay, try lemon eucalyptus oil! Numerous government agencies genuinely advise using lemon eucalyptus oil as an insect repellant (including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention). DEET isn't the only option. 


Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes will gather near your home if there are accessible water sources there. Why? Because stationary or slowly moving water is where mosquitoes deposit their eggs. By eliminating these water sources, you reduce the number of mosquitoes that lay their eggs nearby, which results in fewer mosquitoes surrounding the house overall.


Now, water may collect around your house more quickly than you imagine. Unused tires, cans, and pool covers are some of the greatest offenders regarding water sources. Any ceramic or plastic planters that are empty and gather water should be emptied. Keep an eye out for water buildup around the house, and clean up your gutters as much as possible. Mosquitoes find bird baths to be an attractive home source as well.


No Scented Body Products

Although some fragrances are insect repellents, other body lotions and perfumes have the opposite effect. If you're going to be outside when there are a lot of mosquitoes around, it's better to avoid using scented body wash, lotion, perfume, or cologne. Save the food and sweet-scented products for times when you won't be spending much time outside - particularly from April to October. 


Light & Bright Clothing

It turns out that darker-colored materials are more attractive to mosquitoes. In terms of garment length, if you can cover up, you should. By the end of the evening, you'll have had substantially fewer mosquito bites if you're wearing long sleeves and pants.

This summer, you will encounter one or more of these mosquitoes or other flying insects. Try some of these tips around your outdoor spaces or while traveling to avoid as many mosquitoes as possible!

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